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Dogs Meeting Described

"I have owned, trained and bred dogs for 45 years. I have trained protection dogs and police service dogs since 1974."
- Ed Frawley (the owner of Leerburg) - *1

"One of the more common reasons a dog becomes dog aggressive is because that dog has been attacked by another dog.
Pet owners need to understand that once their dog has been attacked or even badly scared by another dog thier pet dog will be dog aggressive its entire life.
This only needs to happen one time to become a life long problem.

[[ SIDE NOTE: Suzanne (My Little Dog Training Owner) took her 3 year old Service Dog (Wyatt) out one day, and a "fake" service dog (purchased a service dog vest online and put it on their inadequently trained pet) that attacked Suzanne's Service Dog.
Subsequently, Wyatt never recovered and was retired. This is a great emotional and financial loss (agency trained Service Dogs range from $35,000 to $50,000).
As a result, Suzanne started up Dogs For Invisible Diabilities, a non-profit that teaches individuals to train there own dogs. ]]

I compare this to anyone who has ever been robbed, mugged or had their personal safety[/space] violated. This has a life long effect on how that person perceives the world.

Pet owners always need to be aware of their dogs personal safety.
They should never allow their puppies [or dogs] to be around strange dogs. To do so is the same as playing Russian roulette with their dogs mental stability.

If their puppy [or dog] is attacked, they will then own a dog aggressive dog.

The same goes with pet owners who take their dogs to dog parks.

There is no way knowing if one of the dogs in that park has dominance or aggression issues.
If there is a dog aggressive dog at the park and it attacks your dog - you will now have a dog aggressive dog because one dog attack is all it takes to change a happy go lucky dog into an aggressive dog." - *2

Here is more information about Dog Parks.
Dog Parks: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly PDF Icon -
by Trish King, CPDT, CDBC, with Terry Long, CPDT - *3

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To read the article on their site Click here - Association of Professional Dog Trainers

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